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Online Business Manager for Life Coaches

Online Business

Partnering with creatives and coaches 
that want to expand their impact.

Running your business is exciting - and also exhausting.

You started your business because you were passionate about improving people's lives. But now that you've experienced some growth and success, you are finding that you feel overworked and want someone on your team who can help you:


The big picture and your next steps


New ideas and changes


Momentum and time to create

kirstin brenders & co11.jpg

Let's quiet the noise!

Welcome!  I am Kirstin, a former project manager turned Certified Online Business Manager.  I am passionate about helping other women succeed in their careers. Translating ideas and breaking them down into actionable steps is what I enjoy doing for others.   

Stop for a moment and picture this:

You are working with a partner who knows your challenges, can offer tools to support your business,  and can help you officially step into your visionary role.  

Together, let's design a business that fits you.

Building on a solid track record in corporate design, I help female interior designers and architects streamline their businesses into something that works for them.


The "Co" part of KB&Co  doesn't just stand for Company, it also stands for Community, Collaboration, and Connection.

Let's get to know each other, shall we?

Ways to work together......

mary maloney lombard conrad architects.jpeg

Mary, Sr. Interior Designer

"I have known Kirstin for over 6 years now. She is super professional and has a knack for keeping teams and goals stay on track. She is such a pleasure to work with."

Claire Picture profile.jpeg

Claire, Claire Lewis Designs LLC

"I knew it was time to get things off my plate. She helped me implement a better client onboarding experience and put the right tools in place for my business"

Learn more about how we can work together to get you back to working in your zone of genius.

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