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The International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM) and its visionary founder, Tina Forsyth,  proudly showcase one of their members each month. In May, I had the honor of being the featured member, and the interview was published in their newsletter and vibrant Facebook community. The insightful interview is now available to all. Learn more about me, my role as an Online Business Manager, and the lessons that have shaped my entrepreneurial journey.


IAOBM May 2024 Snapshot
OBM Snapshot - Kirstin Brenders

Meet Kirstin Brenders

For our May Snapshot, we're excited to feature Kirstin Brenders. Kirstin became a Certified OBM in January of 2022 and now runs her business, KB&Co , from Houston, Texas.

Before Kirstin was certified as an OBM in January 2022, she was a Project and Studio Manager for architecture and design firms, working on projects worldwide. 

Now, she primarily works to uplift small business owners in the architecture and design industry. Her role includes creating and managing studio timelines and helping her clients define their processes. She also helps with business systems, boundary setting, outsourcing tasks, and staff hiring.

Her OBM Superpower

Kirstin's clients say her OBM superpower is her calm and composed approach, even during highly stressful time or when deadlines are looming.

Her clients value having someone who can remain level-headed and calm, helping keep everyone grounded and focused on the tasks.

Her clients appreciate that Kirstin is an open book about her experience and knowledge gained from working at big design firms.

They also value the insights she gains from collaborating with other designers and creatives. They enjoy having her as their sounding board and love that she is always prepared to offer solutions, create a plan, and help delegate tasks.

Kirstin's experience as an OBM has taught her a significant lesson - that investing in yourself and your mindset is vital to achieving success. She believes being prepared and open to learning is crucial for growth and development.

If she could spend an afternoon doing one thing, Kirstin would mentor women aspiring to leave the corporate world and start their own online consulting businesses.

Her advice to other OBMs

If Kirstin were to go back to when she just started her OBM business and give herself one piece of advice, she would say it would be that you don't need to know all the tech or have the best tools. 

You need to have an offer and the desire to discuss it often.

Beyond the OBM role

When she isn't busy OBMing, Kirstin loves to be outside with her family.

She's also fascinated by The Enneagram and Human Design. She loves to read, thrift shop, and experience Houston's fantastic food scene. Kirstin's favorite quote is:

"Do not live by accident or default. Live by design," -David Cameron Gikandi


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