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Services to help you and your business thrive

Let's work together

Monthly Management

Ongoing support to help keep your business buttoned up behind the scenes

It's time to get support with all those tasks so you can get out of the weeds and become the CEO of your business.

This is for you if:

* You want to stop feeling like you are falling behind

You want a growth partner 

* You are ready to evolve

* You are comfortable with outsourcing 


Services Include:

Client & Project Management
+  Lead tracking & management
+  Client onboarding/offboarding

+  Maintain your project management tool

Business Management:
+ Track the most important metrics to ensure we're making decisions on facts (bye-bye decision fatigue)

SOP Creation & Documentation

+ Setting up your SOPs including templates so you'll never miss a beat, no matter who comes and goes

Admin & Marketing Support

+  Implementing software and support systems

+ Create resources, downloads, lead magnets, case studies, etc.

+  Email Marketing

+  And much more...

"It is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, collaborate on business decisions, and have a cheerleader! I don't feel alone and not the only one able to get business projects done."

Krista H. | Architect & CEO at Veld Architect, Inc.

Investment starts at $975/ month

Outsource by Design

A 90-minute outsourcing prep session 

You know that you will need to outsource (or hire) in the future, but you are not sure even where to start.

Ways I can help:

* What type of hire should I make next?

* What systems do I need to set up before I hire? 

* How do I hire in a way that doesn't drain my time?

* What standard operating procedures (SOPs) should I be documenting?

How does it work:

+  Book a discovery call to make sure this service is right for you. 

+  Then fill out the intake form

+   Share as much as possible before our call.

+  Sit back and relax while I review and create an outsourcing plan

Have your breakthrough session with me

+  Get answers to as many questions as possible

+  Take the action plan we formulate and implement immediately.

+   Bonuses include tutorials on SOPs, Asana, Slack, or other helpful business systems.

Investment $247 per session

What are you waiting for?

Let's get you and your business back on track, so you have more time each week for your family and the things you enjoy!

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