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Asana by Design

A one-hour workshop on how to use Asana for your creative business
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Does this sound familiar?

As a creative business owner, your mind is always buzzing with brilliant ideas and ambitious projects. However, without a solid system to organize and execute those visions, they can quickly become overwhelmed by chaos and disorganization.


Welcome to the world of Asana.


Asana is more than a digital to-do list; it can operate your whole design business. 

Ready to take control of your time?

Commercial Interior Designer
what others are saying
"Kirstin gave an amazing in-person training on Asana, our project management system. Kirstin has been such an asset to my business and I highly recommend her - especially to other designers!


Katie K. Interiors

About the workshop....

This workshop will help you manage your projects, streamline your workflow, and delegate like a pro.


In this power-packed session, you'll discover:


+ How to set up Asana whether you're a team of one or many

+ How to set up intuitive project boards that capture every task

+ How to keep you laser-focused on your top priorities

+ Proven techniques for managing deadlines, delegating tasks, and collaborating seamlessly with team members

1HR | Zoom or In-person (Houston Area only) 
$297 per workshop 

About the teacher....

Hi there, I am Kirstin, a Mom, Mentor, Online Business Manager, and Small Business Owner.

I help creatives design systems and plans for sustainable growth without the boring stuff. With my help, let's set up systems like Asana that your team will *actually* use– leading to less wasted time, more peace, and extra space to get more done.

With Asana's flexible, visually appealing platform, you can finally ditch the chaos of sticky notes, overflowing inboxes, and constant mental juggling.


Instead, you'll have a centralized command center.


Don't let disorganization hold you back from creative freedom and business growth. 


Book an Asana by Design workshop.

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