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Updated: Mar 1

Finding the time to document your processes might seem like a challenging task.

But I'm here to share the good news that there are several ways to tackle this calm business essential while saving your time and energy. Here are five practical tips that can help jumpstart your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation:

What is an SOP?

Tip 1: SOP Templates

Creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be easier using templates already created.

These templates can be customized to fit your specific needs, saving you significant time and effort. This is a huge time saver.

So you don't have to start from a blank Google Document; Grab my done-for-you SOP template resources at the bottom of this article.

Tip 2: Do it Yourself

My favorite tool for creating a screenshare video is Loom because all you have to do is sit down, click record, and start working on the tasks, narrating as you go. Loom offers free and paid plans, and I highly recommend you use it to teach others (or remind yourself) how to do a specific task. To me, a good SOP is one that contains written and visual instructions since everyone learns differently. 

If you want to be more efficient and run an organized business, you need Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - Kirstin Brenders

Tip 3: Done with You

Meet with a team member to discuss a particular process you want to document. As you share your expertise and insights on the process, they will take notes and ask questions to gain a better understanding.

They will craft the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document and submit it to you for review.

This collaborative effort will ensure that the SOP is comprehensive, accurate, and effective. 

Note: This is my favorite method to use with clients when creating their SOPs.

Tip 4: Delegate your SOPs

If you have team members who regularly perform specific tasks, consider assigning them to create SOPs. Ask them to record the process or write out the steps they take. 

Tip 5: Outsource your SOPs

Hire someone (ahem, me) to create a set of SOPs for you. I help creative women like you manage and tame the back end of their businesses. In a 90-minute call, we can work through your unique processes and kick-start your SOPs. By pulling from my library of SOPs, I will help you create procedures from hiring to training to processes to improve your client experience.

I hope these time-saving tips help you with your SOP creation! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me here. I'm always here to help you create the best SOPs for your business.


Hey there- if we haven’t had a chance to meet yet, I’m Kirstin, a former corporate gal turned small business owner who helps female entrepreneurs lead profitable and fulfilling businesses without burnout. Click here to book a complimentary 30-minute Connection Call.

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