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Updated: Jan 12

Choosing the right Online Business Manager for your interior design or architecture business can initially feel overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. As long as you have a clear plan of action, you’ll find the hiring process relatively simple. The key is to ensure you’re asking the right questions and gathering the information to make the right hire.

Here are my six tips to help you make the right decision:

TIP #1 - Book a Discovery Call

Would you bring a client on board without doing a discovery call? No, right! Just like your own discovery calls with your design clients, use this time to get to know the OBM. These calls are usually 20-30 minutes, and I recommend you prepare for the call by writing down your questions.

Tip #2 - Evaluate why you think you need an OBM

Where did that thought come from? Is it something you’ve been thinking about for a while or more of a spur-of-the-moment reaction to something someone said, etc.? I encourage you to share this on the discovery call.

"Kirstin delivers exceptional work. She holds herself and others accountable and uses technology and resources effectively." – Former Employer, Director of Interiors

Tip #3 - Know your desired outcome

What is the desired outcome you want to reach for your business? Are you hoping to work fewer hours in your business and want someone to manage it for you, or are you looking for an expert to work alongside you?

Do you want someone who knows how to run a design studio? Or a generalist-type of manager? Know what tasks you want them to take on and ensure their skills match those things you’re looking to outsource.

Tip #4 - Confirm the duration of your partnership

Many OBMs will work on a minimum 3-month retainer, sometimes longer. So check that you’re happy with the duration and can afford to cover the cost of your investment in hiring them.

Tip #5 - Establish their availability

Many OBMs will work with 2 to 4 business owners at a time. Therefore, they might not be able to partner with you right away. If your first choice is not available right away, I highly recommend you wait and start taking action to bring them on successfully when the time comes. The OBM should be able to give you a list of steps to take while waiting.

Tip #6 - Confirm their personality traits and work styles

Because you will be working closely together with your OBM, it’s essential your personality, and work styles don’t clash. Take some time to find out about them, not just their skills.

There you have it - my six tips for choosing the right Online Business Manager for your business.

Have questions? I genuinely love what I do, love the results my clients are seeing, and I am here to help. Book a discovery call if you’re curious about what your business life might look like by partnering with me.

Once you partner with an OBM, be sure to see my 8 Tips for Working with an OBM.

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